Hospital Facillities

24 X 7 Intensive Care Unit

Specialist hospital wards that provide treatment and monitoring for people who are very ill.

Modern Operation Theatre

Operation theatres that are built with metal and glass ceiling and walls inside a hospital to provide optimum conditions for operating on a patient.

Fully Equipped Ultra

A smart hospital offers a smooth, human-centric experience that improves patient outcomes.

State Of Art Equipments

Machinery and equipment which is of the same type, design, and capability as like machinery and equipment which is currently sold or manufactured by the donor for sale to customers.

Pathology lab

A Pathology Laboratory is a Laboratory where tests are carried out on clinical specimens to obtain information about the health of a PATIENT to aid in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Day night Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy is conveniently located on the ground of the Hospital and is open 24/7.